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March 14/06 - “OUR VERY OWN “PALE MALE”

A sweet pair of brown doves has returned to Majestic Towers. Their cooing could be heard this morning. Each spring for years (decades?) they have nested high up on the north 'u' of the building producing one, sometimes two chicks.

They often used to nest under the 16-H air conditioner but there are new windows there now and the old a.c. is gone. So today the doves are perched amid the scaffolding paraphernalia of the brick-pointing crew near the 15A air conditioner. There are large hooks suspended from the rooftop and big ropes hanging down. The male is up at the top ledge as I write this, the female is down on the air conditioner. What will happen to them when the brick-pointing crew returns?

Nature vs. Civilization just outside our windows. It's upsetting!

Maggie Malone 16-E


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