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Jan 10/06: Accountants complete tax report

Shareholders should have received hand or postal delivery of both the mortgage interest document for the IRS (form 1098) and the summary of the calculation of that information from the accounting firm Zeidman, Lackowitz, Prisand and Co. For 2005, mortgage interest is 2.8841 per share, and real estate tax is 5.3221 per share.

Nov 21/05: Beautification of trees

We have taken steps to beautify the trees on the sidewalk on Broadway and 75th Street. and 75th Street.

We bought new tree guards, planted bulbs that will blossom in the spring, covered the area with mulch, and in December we will provide a cover of pine cones.

We welcome volunteers for next year to plant flowers for the summer.

Nov 3/05:  Saturday Exterior Work

FROM: Shawn McPartland, Blue Woods Management

Please be advised that starting this Saturday, November 5, 2005, and every Saturday, weather permitting, the construction crew will be working on the drop scaffolding on the A, B & C lines. We have had to take this measure because the heavy amount of rain that we received in October put the construction behind schedule.  We have been told that the work that will take place will be quiet work, consisting of painting and caulking. No drilling or hammering will be performed.

Residents are requested to keep their windows closed and locked if they live in the vicinity of the work. 

If you have any questions regarding this work, please contact our office at the number listed below.

Nov 1/05:  Electrical Service Upgrade Moratorium

FROM: Shawn McPartland, Blue Woods Management

Please be advised that the Board of Directors has voted not to allow any new installations of electrical risers, until further notice.  Up until now, shareholders have been permitted to upgrade their electrical service by running conduit out of their apartment and tapping into empty meter boxes located in the basement. Unfortunately, in order to get to the empty meter boxes in the basement, shareholders have been either drilling through the concrete slab in the hallway or using a shaft located next to the elevator that was not designed for this purpose.

The Board has engaged an electrical engineer to perform a study in order to determine the feasibility of installing additional meter banks and running risers the length of the building down to the basement.  Ultimately, the goal is to provide shareholders with the opportunity to upgrade their electrical service by using these common risers and therefore eliminating the need for unnecessary drilling.      

Thank you.

Sept 6/05: Exterior Restoration Project

FROM: Shawn McPartland, Blue Woods Management

Please be advised that starting in September the building will be undergoing an exterior restoration project.  As discussed at the annual meeting, this work is necessary for the building to be in compliance with the Local Law 11/98 of the City of New York. The work will start this year and end approximately May 15, 2006, with work stopping during the winter months. The scope of work consists mainly of masonry replacement and repointing, lintel replacement and repairs on a building wide basis.  Bellet Construction, which is the firm that has been engaged to perform this work, will start at the north east side of the building. Drop scaffolding will be in place during the exterior work, so we request that residents keep their windows closed and locked while this work is going on.

We will keep you informed of the work progress and/or any changes that might affect you.

August 15/05:  Automatic Payment

Our managing agent, Blue Woods, has introduced a convenient “automatic payment” option for your monthly charges.

If you choose to enroll in the program and provide your banking details, your payment will be drawn from your bank account on the 5th day of each month. Details and an enrollment form were recently hand delivered to each apartment.


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