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The first person to contact regarding repairs and building maintenance complaints is the Superintendent.  The Superintendent is in charge of building systems and is our DAY-TO-DAY ON-SITE REPAIR MANAGER. If, after contacting the Superintendent, you need to escalate your request or need further assistance or information, the next step is to contact the Managing Agent.  Be advised that in some instances, the Managing Agent will be unable to act without prior discussion with the Board.


THE PROPRIETARY LEASE OUTLINES THE ITEMS FOR WHICH SHAREHOLDERS, AND NOT THE CO-OP, ARE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.  While the Superintendent can handle some repairs, those listed below are actually the shareholder’s responsibility.  Whenever there is doubt about the nature of a repair, please call the Managing Agent.


    • Painting and decorating.
    • Maintenance and replacement of all plumbing fixtures including sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, flushometer and attached shower.
    • Repair of stoves, refrigerators, microwaves and any other appliances.
    • Exposed gas, steam and water pipes, including hot and cold water and radiator shut-off valves, all valves, check valves and any other outside water or drain lines.
    • All wiring from the meter box to the circuit breaker box in the apartment, all lighting and electrical fixtures including circuit breakers, meters and electrical conduits dedicated to the apartment.
    • Repair and replacement of all doors (except for entrance), doorknobs, saddles, latches, hinges and locks.
    • Repair or replacement of all walls, ceiling and floors and their coverings, including vinyl and ceramic tiling, unless damage has been caused by a common element of the building, in which case the Cooperative will repair interior walls to the base coat only.  Tile replacement is the Shareholder’s responsibility.

If a questions arises concerning an item not clearly identified above or in your Proprietary Lease, please contact the Managing Agent.


We now have a new “work order program”.  This system will streamline the repair process and ensure that the repair is done in a satisfactory and timely manner.  The procedure is as follows:

    • Pick up a work order form from the doorman.  Each form is numbered on the top right corner.
    • Complete the form and leave it with the doorman. The doorman will log in your repair request at the front desk.
    • Be aware that some repairs may be referred to Management.  You will be advised if this is the case.
    • After the work is completed, sign the bottom of the work order form and retain a copy for your files.  There is a place on the form for your comments about the job. Your comments are welcomed and will help make this procedure even more effective.

If you find you are not satisfied with the nature of the repair or how your problem was handled, write or call the Managing Agent. Give details:  What was done to address the problem and why a problem still exists.  If the Managing Agent cannot work out a satisfactory solution to the problem, then submit a written complaint to the Board, which includes all pertinent details.  Leave the written complaint with the doorman. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT BOARD MEMBERS ARE VOLUNTEERS AND NO ONE DIRECTOR HAS THE AUTHORITY TO FIX PROBLEMS.




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