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    • All prospective purchasers must file and execute an “Application to Purchase Cooperative Stock” prior to transfer.  This may be obtained from the Managing Agent.  This application must be submitted in eight (8) copies to the Managing Agent, who will review it and forward it to the Board for review. Again, the sooner applications are submitted to the Managing Agent for review, the sooner a decision from the Board of Directors can be obtained.
    • Upon approval of the resale application, it is required that the Board of Directors interview the proposed purchaser(s). The Board of Directors and/or its Committee are not required to state reasons for approving or disapproving an application.
    • All costs associated with the purchase of an apartment will be borne by the seller and the buyer as they may apportion said costs between themselves.  These costs include, but are not limited to credit, reference, and background checks, processing, and the Transfer Agent’s fees for the closing.
    • A schedule of some of these fees may be obtained from the Managing Agent.
    • The complete “Application to Purchase Cooperative Stock” will not be processed by the Managing Agent for submission to the Board unless all required documents and the completed application are submitted to the Managing Agent in the requested number of copies.



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